Florida Tax Lien Certificate

106 6th St Eloise, Eloise
Florida Tax Lien Certificate Sale

106 6th St Eloise,
Eloise, FL 33880

Sale Price: $601.65

          The Buyer can apply for a Tax Deed anytime after  April 1, 2020.The current value is $551.65 at 13.75apy interest. The Investor/Buyer must do any and all DUE DILIGENCE and research prior to buying this Polk County Tax Lien Certificate. The seller reserves the right, at seller's discretion, to substitute this Tax Lien Certificate with a Tax Certificate of equal or greater value to the Investor if this certificate is redeemed by the delinquent owner prior to transfer completion by the seller to the buyer.

This Tax Certificate is for a 672 sq.ft, 2 bedroom/ 1 bathroom mobile home, sitting on .13 acre shady lot. This is a great opportunity for cheap investment that should sell at a nice profit. The Market value of the property is $13,306. It is located not far from lakes Lulu and Eloise, and has easy access to Hwy 17. Pix #1 and Pix #2 are street views of the property, Pix #3 is aerial view of the property, Pix #4 is parcel map and Pix #5 is Polk County Property Appraiser info page. All information and pictures were taken from the websites of: Eppraisal.com, Zillow.com, Bing Maps, Google Maps, Polk County Tax Collector and Property Appraiser. THE SELLER HAS NOT DRIVEN BY THE PROPERTY. 

Note: There are two next-door properties with one and the same address and separate tax certificates. 

This will be your opportunity to own this property located  at 106 6th St Eloise, Eloise, FL 33880  for VERY LITTLE MONEY. The purchase price ($601.65) includes a transfer fee of $50.00 and is due immediately upon purchase.  

For greater discounts please see our  PAYMENT INFORMATION page.

The Parcel ID Number is: 26-29-05-000000-023190 

The Tax Certificate Number is: 18-11631

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