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Are you tired of getting a paltry 1% APY interest rate on your money from the bank?  Even worse -- are you losing money in the stock market?  Imagine making 10% to 30% APY and much more on your money. This is exactly what tax lien certificates can do for you. Also, our Florida tax certificates are priced at about 1% of the property value. This greatly reduces the risk for investors of tax liens and increases his/her reward opportunity.
Available tax liens in Hillsborough, Pasco and Polk
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Tax Lien Certificates for Sale by Owner is the place where we sell Florida tax lien certificates (see our Tax Liens page) from Hillsborough, Polk, Hernando and Pasco Counties to people with a desire to invest in tax certificates and use the opportunity to get houses and mobile homes with land for "Pennies on the Dollar”. Our goal is to sell the tax lien certificates we own, provide valuable information to our buyer/investors and walk them through the process of getting the tax deeds on the various properties.

We own hundreds and hundreds of tax lien certificates at any given time, but we can't foreclose on all those that are ready to apply for the tax deed. That is why we decided to offer these tax certificates as a cash sale online.

If you are new to real estate tax lien sales and ownership, we provide you with free live consultations, information and resources to help you make money in this business. 

When you've been in the tax certificate business as long as we have (since 1994), you develop a system for buying the best Tax certificates that are available in various price ranges.

We cannot guarantee that you will get all the properties that you buy tax lien certificates for, but by following our strategies you should make a nice profit on tax liens. By buying a tax lien certificate the buyer's investment is backed by the assessed value of the property the tax is based on (usually 4% or less of the property value).

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703 Southern Ave, Lakeland, FL
1386 35th St NW, Winter Haven, FL
305 Bridgers Ave, Auburndale, FL
13 Aegyle Ave, Frostproof, FL
5013 Dacca Dr, Tampa, FL
1264 E 113th Ave Unit J-106, Tampa
7105 Fairview Park Dr, Tampa, FL
10911 Ross St, Tampa, FL
12214 Greenland Dr, Riverview, FL
12715 Darren Pl, Riverview, FL
4112 Maywood Dr, Brandon, FL
5801 Middlesex Dr, Tampa, FL
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