INVESTORS INFORMATION: You are buying a tax certificate only and this is a cash sale. It does not represent a sale of real, physical property. Investors must do any and all DUE DILIGENCE and research prior to buying. Investor must also understand what a Tax Lien Certificate is and its entitlements to the Tax Lien Certificate buyer (see What is a Tax Lien).
If you are interested in a larger number of liens then browse our selection, produce your own list of tax lien certificates you are interested in and email your selection(s), with the Tax certificate number (given in the listing) accompanied with all of your contact information (name, email address, tel. number).

We will review the list and email you back which liens are still available and the total price of your available selection.
There is a chance that not all of the liens you requested will still be available as interest in tax certificates remains high.
Review the returned available list and call us to complete the transaction. 

Liens are sold on a first pay first serve basis. If two or more parties are interested in the same tax lien certificate(s), the tax lien(s) will generally be sold to the fist one that pays for the tax lien certificate(s). 

BUYERS PAYMENT RESPONSIBILITY: Buyer agrees to all fees associated with sale of certificate which is listed in PAYMENT INFORMATION. Payments must be made immediately. Non-paying buyers will not be allowed to buy any other tax lien certificates from this site.  All sales are final. 

BUYERS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Buyer acknowledges that a Tax Certificate holder can become the owner of the real estate property the Tax Certificate represents. Buyer understands he/she is not purchasing a property or going into a contract to do so. Buyer is only expressing interest in the tax certificate and all entitlements that come along with it. 

UNCONTROLLABLE OCCURRENCES: The seller reserves the right, at seller's discretion, to substitute a Tax Lien Certificate with a Tax Lien Certificate of greater value to the buyer if the certificate is redeemed by the delinquent owner prior to the transfer completion by the seller to the buyer.

SECURITY. Only contact information for our clients is collected on the site, never financial details. All information about our clients is strictly confidential. We will never share, rent, sell, lend, or otherwise disclose your contact or other information to any third party for any purpose whatsoever.
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