The benefits for owning tax lien certificates are: 
1) a high rate of interest or 
2) to acquire real estate for "Pennies on the Dollar". 

Individuals have been snapping up Tax Lien Certificates more and more because of these two benefits. A fixed percentage rate, mandated by a government agency, or the title to property at a substantial discount are incredible benefits rarely seen with other real estate transactions. Most of my customers are buying Tax Lien Certificates in order to gain possession of the real estate through a Tax Deed. 

Every year from about the 15th of April through the end of May, my wife and I spend a minimum of ten hours a day researching the tax records of Hillsborough County, Polk County, Hernando County and Pasco County (all in west/central Florida) looking for the best available Tax Lien Certificates at various price ranges. We use different kind of software and search the records for the best Tax Lien Certificates available.  We normally buy about 1500 Tax Lien Certificates per year. Usually we hold the Tax Lien Certificates for a minimum of several months before they are listed to . Some property owners pay their Tax Liens off in the first couple of months the Tax Lien Certificates are delinquent, but most do not. This creates the opportunity to acquire properties for very little money - for "Pennies On The Dollar". We have hundreds and hundreds of Florida Tax Lien Certificates that will be posted to our site for sale.

We will not buy the following type of Tax Lien Certificates:

1) If there is a Bankruptcy,
2) If there are Title issues on the property, 
3) If there are multiple Tax Lien Certificates on a property (3 or more), 
4) If we can't live in it (it is not a house or mobile home with land),
5) If it is not comparably valued for the price with other Tax Lien Certificates I am buying,
6) If the County Tax Collector and Property Appraiser records do not agree with each other on the existing structure,
7) If the Tax Lien Certificate value is more than 4% of the property's value,
8) There are several other types of criteria we use to limit the Tax  Lien Certificates we purchase for resale on this site. We are investing our own money in tax lien certificates too, but we have limited resources to foreclose  on  all the delinquent tax liens we have certificates for.
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