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New Opportunity for a  Large Yearly Income With 
Tax Lien Certificates 

By Robbie R Davis 
Are you tired of getting a paltry 1% APY interest rate on your money from the bank?  Even worse -- are you losing money in the stock market?  Imagine making 10% to 30% APY and much more on your money. This is exactly what Florida tax lien certificates
and Florida tax deeds can do for you.  Florida's real estate market is in the dumps, but those same tax lien certificates and tax deeds are making a few people lots of money.

Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds Will Make You a Very Good Income in Today's R/E Market

For several years the real estate market boomed and the competition for all types of real estate was very competitive.  Then about two years ago everything changed in the real estate market.  Tens of thousands of people started losing their homes through foreclosures.  The job market soon followed America's economic woes.  But all was not lost and there proved to be a silver lining -- Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds.

This misunderstood market has been around since 1860 in America and was used to help fund the Civil War. You would either pay a tax on your real estate or you would lose it through a Tax Deed application (county version of a foreclosure).  A large number of people couldn't or wouldn't pay their property taxes and eventually several states, including Florida, started selling these delinquent tax liens as Tax Lien Certificates. This greatly enabled local governments to pay for various costs running local governments and improve the infrastructures.

Now you are asking "What does this mean to me".  To most people it has very little meaning.  They are very content keeping their money in the bank where it is "safe" -- at a paltry 1% or 2% interest rate of return and inflation usually is much higher.  Most people will not invest their hard earned money into something they have very little knowledge and understanding about.  But then there are those who have been investing in Tax Certificates and Tax Deeds for many years.  Why is that?  Because these people know the returns are very great, especially in the down-trodden market the U.S. is currently in.  And you don't need to be a wealthy person to invest in Tax Certificates and Tax Deeds.  In fact you could start out with just a few dollars and get a very good tax certificate at a very high interest rate from the comfort of your own home.  All you need is a computer and internet access.

There was a period about five years ago when major investors had taken over much of the Tax Certificate buying. They weren't as concerned about what the property looked like or what their interest rate of return was.  These institutional investors were searching for a place to park their money and get a fair return on their money. But then that was the same time when the real estate market was climbing through the roof.  There were very few bargains to be had. This climate lasted about three years and then it dropped like a rock about two years ago.  Today these same investors are gone for the most part.

Today's real estate market is very different today than it was three years ago.  There are some fantastic investment bargains and very good rates of return for the wise and diligent investor.  Today's investors are in the forefront of the next real estate market boom that will eventually return.  Much of today's buyers are done by investors with the hope of either holding real estate and renting it out or flipping their bargains to other investors.  Yes, flipping is alive and well.  And there are very few places that will give investors the return rate on their money that Tax Certificates and Tax Deeds can.