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 How to Turn a Tax Lien Certificate Into a Tax Deed For
"Pennies on the Dollar"

By Robbie R Davis 

Imagine getting a $100,000 home or property for a few hundred dollars. By buying Tax Lien Certificates this is very possible and many people have gotten properties this way. But it is more likely you will get these same properties for a few thousand dollars though. You should have a few Tax Lien Certificates to make this work as you are the person who initiates the Tax Deed application (the first step in the foreclosure process) and you will know an approximate date when this process will occur. Remember, you initiated the Tax Deed application process and it generally takes between six to eight months to complete.

Owning several Tax Lien Certificates gives you the ability to apply for the Tax Deed on all of them at the same time. This process will allow you, as a present or future investor, to save enough money to get real estate for "Pennies on the Dollar". Many Tax Lien Certificates are redeemed by the property owner prior to the actual Tax Deed Sale date. The property owner must pay the value of Your Tax Lien Certificate plus the stated interest amount you are due. Also, the lower value the property is, the more likely you will get the property.

Ownership of several Tax Lien Certificates allows you a greater chance of getting one or two properties at your Tax Deed Sale. Several states have an auction format at these sales -- the highest bid price gets the property. The present U.S. economy is great for the investors though because there is less competition from other bidders then there were three years ago and there are much more properties being foreclosed on for back taxes.